A New Way to Develop Data Centers

By assuming responsibility for the onsite energy infrastructure, Rowan creates an uncompromising energy solution that offers less risk, higher margins and delivers the sustainability and reliability required by even the most demanding data center clients.

It takes time to develop a new high voltage substation, negotiate a new rate tariff, or build a new renewable energy project. Too often this protracted timeline forces data center owners and operators to make the quick decision rather than the right one. Rowan integrates energy and sustainability into each step of the data center development process to reduce risk exposure and increase economic and environmental performance.

Rowan has assembled an unparalleled team of experts from the normally siloed worlds of data center energy procurement, renewable energy development, wholesale marketing and trading, telecommunications and fiber, and project finance.

Always Green. Always On.

Rowan works with data center customers to create customized, configured and sustainable solutions to meet their biggest challenges.  The exponential growth of the cloud means the interplay of siting and accessing renewable power is increasingly critical to managing costs and driving profitability for data center operators.

We configure these strategically located sites to provide for direct power delivery from high voltage transmission infrastructure as well as back-up power solutions which can be installed and operated by Rowan subject to customer preferences. The aim is to deliver 24/7 power reliability that meets customer net zero targets.

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