Seeking ‘Best Practice’ Stewardship and ESG Risk Mitigation

Rowan’s core goal is inherently driven toward Net Zero Climate goals and building real asset investments that deliver enduring carbon emissions reduction. Our focus on sustainability, ethics and stewardship supports and extends well beyond this, to our broad stakeholder population and the many communities in which our businesses operate. We are conscious of the impacts our investees have on society at large, through job creation and preservation, improved business transparency and governance, greater community engagement, increased team diversity, promotion of a business culture supporting principled and ethical behavior and importantly, reduced environmental impacts from the daily operation of our assets.

Rowan believes that through our specialist focus on investments that build new assets and  support a sustainable, just transition and accelerated pathway to Net Zero, we are better able to protect and enhance the value of all capital – human, environmental and financial – for our investors and broader society.

Environmental Stewardship, Jobs and Community Impact

Climate and emissions reduction are central to Rowan’s purpose and investment thesis, and to meeting the 2015 Paris Agreement commitments to “holding the increase in the global average temperature to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels”. Renewable energy also has a much broader responsibility to minimize environmental harm and we endeavour to support the environments in which our assets reside.

Job creation, job displacement and retraining, community health and wellbeing, human rights and modern slavery are all central considerations in the growth of long-term infrastructure development. By investing in new build assets, Rowan is able to create new jobs, support areas that may have suffered job displacement and can drive better environmental justice, provide better affordability, security and reliability of energy and work with communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Beyond our impact on our immediate communities, Rowan is focused on our supply chains, seeking to use our influence to cease modern slavery, a complex issue across many industries and regions today.

Active Management, Alignment and Improved Governance

Through active governance control and consistently applied investment processes, we seek to achieve enduring alignment in the pursuit of positive climate, environmental, social and governance impacts from our investing activities. We believe that the integration of ESG practices and commitments into our own investment processes and ongoing asset management is fundamental to both long-term value creation and value protection. This commitment equips us to anticipate, plan for and avoid certain risks whilst also identifying opportunities to create lasting value through improved resilience of essential infrastructure.

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